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The IncentiWeb environment provides you with virtually unlimited award choices along with the most modern, user-friendly online performance administration and management tools. This combination guarantees your incentive programs will always be fresh and exciting. IncentiWeb® online and mail order services in the field of general merchandise. 

Track every aspect of your incentive initiatives in real time. We offer budget reporting, tax reporting, and return on investment programs with our state-of-the-art communication features for easy, effective, and complete control.

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Participants track their progress and redeem their points for gifts, travel and experiences from one of the largest selections in the industry, including Sears and other name brand award providers. This selection reduces your costs by offering you up to 30% more buying power.

IncentiWeb can also be used as a stand-alone technology tool to take care of the myriad details involved in your incentive plans. IncentiWeb’s field-proven software is easily compatible with reward choices of your own choosing. IncentiWeb® online and mail order services in the field of general merchandise. 

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Quick summary of IncentiWeb tools:

 Enrollment and participation management
  Complete program and performance assessment
  Tax reporting
  Management and tracking of multiple programs and performance criteria
  Comparative analysis of program’s effectiveness
  Real-time recognition of outstanding performance
  One of the most comprehensive selection of awards
  Full account history for participants to check 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  Effective and easy to use communications tools
  Bulletin boards, pop-ups and personal/congratulatory notes
  Simple administrative tool (easy administration)
  Budget breakdowns and reporting
  Quiz templates and reporting tools for easy testing of participants’ knowledge
  Online games to generate enthusiasm and participation
  State-of-the-art communication/social engagement tools
  Everything is completely customizable.

Divvy is pleased to announce the introduction of the latest version of our software platform:
                                                              IncentiveWeb® 4.1.
                             This new release features these major enhancements:
*All key user functionality is now available for your mobile device - iOS or Android
*The Peer to Peer incentive module has been completely redesigned to include features that reflect the newest research on employee motivation.
*The On the Spot incentive module now includes social functionality and reporting dashboards.

Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Used in virtually all medium and large organizations.  Management teams periodically review this data to ensure that the goals of the organization are being attained.
What do these KPIs measure?
In all cases the data should be focused on those aspects of the system that are central to the business result desired.  Taico assists you to evaluate two measures: Participation and Engagement.                         
What are the benefits for my company?

All large companies have different job categories and employee demographic profiles.  KPIs help to determine if Incentive and Recognition programs meet their pre-defined goals.  KPIs also are central to comparing performance across divisions and departments.

                                                           Points for Performance®

Points for Performance® (PFP) is an effective employee recognition system that can help create a culture of reward and recognition, even on a lean budget.
It is an effective way to reward and engage your employees when they make valuable contributions to your organization. Rewarding in points instead of dollars gives your organization the ability to brand its own currency, manage the value of an award and provide a more controllable basis for compensation.

In a typical program, managers are allocated a certain number of points on a monthly basis that can be awarded to employees for accomplishments that help meet the employer’s business objectives. Employees accumulate points, which they can redeem for merchandise, travel, tickets to major events, spa services, and other sought after rewards. Because they can spontaneously award points, supervisors are able to recognize even small acts, which helps to foster a culture of recognition.

The advantages of a Points for Performance® system are many.  Studies have shown that the tangible rewards that employees can earn with their points are a more effective motivator for better performance than cash plus the reward system is open and transparent.

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